Plan Ahead for Sanity!

Go Au Pair helps your plan work!

Plan on the best cultural childcare experience ever with Go Au Pair!

Spring sports will be ending soon, summer is just on the horizon. What are your plans?

I know in my household, with track ending, swim lessons beginning, and cook-out season already underway, every weekend is busy, busy, busy. But what are the kids doing?

Summer Blackhurst reminds us, in her timely blog post, that au pairs can be the perfect parent helper when it comes to keeping the kids busy and getting along during those long weeks of summer (no pun intended lol).

RI families can make it even more worth-your-while, when you visit us online and learn how to save up to 15% when you host an au pair to meet your childcare needs this year!

You will find your life less hectic at those crazy times, like right before and after school, or even dinner time. Your au pair can simplify life by helping make kids’ lunches, driving them to/from school, activities or appointments, and even getting the kids’ laundry done while you are at work! Doesn’t that sound incredible? It is real, and it is possible, when you are a Host Family!

When you plan ahead for the kids, you have peace of mind you mind not otherwise find. An au pair can engage the kids when you just want to read a book and enjoy a few minutes with your spouse. Full time au pairs work up to 45 hours per week, or part time up to 30 hours per week. Those are flexible hours that you can set and change as the needs of your family change! Where else can you get that? Go Au Pair has that!

Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Representative) in the Providence, RI area, at 401.309.1925 or I am happy to answer your questions about au pair childcare and get you started on the most rewarding childcare experience you can imagine!



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