Open Your World!

Go Au Pair offers cultural childcare experiences like no other agency!

Open the world to your child when you host an au pair to meet your varied childcare needs!

I love the Au Pair Program! It provides so much for so many! Polina, my PA counterpart, has such a great and active cluster. You should read about how the families and au pairs are loving their experiences in the program. It provides an opportunity for young men and women from all over the world to experience cultural exchange in a most peaceful and productive way, while providing an equally-rewarding opportunity to the Host Family, no matter what countries are exchanging cultures.Using a designated agency like Go Au Pair carries the credibility of our intensive screening processes; our dedicated Placement and Travel coordinators handle all the logistics for you. You also get me, your Local Area Representative, for local support and great cultural and family activities for your au pair and you!

Growing up in a small town with very little diversity in my local high school, college life was somewhat of a shock to me. There were people of every race and color, and I was only 20 minutes from home! Not to say that I grew up in a racist town or family, but we literally had two children of color in my high school, and they were adopted by a white couple! One Asian family moved in by the time I was graduating, but there were no Hispanic or any other races. The biggest population of any sort of diversity was a very small group of  2 or 3 Jewish families. I was just not used to seeing anything but a sea of white faces. Why am I telling you this?

I want you to open the world for your family! I have always taught my kids, as my mother taught me, that it takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. That means that is takes people of every color, shape, size, and type to make the world the wonderful place it is! Each one should be embraced. That being said, one of my children will be a third generation Lady Chieftain in two more years, God willing, meaning she will be the third woman in our bloodline to graduate from our local high school. In 1968, my mom graduated, as did I in 1990. My daughter will, hopefully, be in the class of 2016.

However, I believe the world may finally be opening to my family, as my next daughter will graduate from Milton Hershey School in Pennsylvania as the class of 2019! She absolutely loves the diversity of her new school and student home! Why not bring some fantastic cultural diversity to your home, and choose the country or culture you want! Go visit us online and learn about how to become a Host Family in Rhode Island, or wherever you live!

People often ask me if American girls can become au pairs. The answer is yes! If you are a young woman, age 18-26, and are interested in becoming an au pair in another country, you can contact us too! Call me, your Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Representative) at 401.309.1925 or email me at I look forward to helping your family have a great cultural childcare experience!



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