Stuck in a Childcare Rut?

What kind of childcare have you been using? Is one parent just returning to work after time home with the kids? Do you shuffle the kids to daycare every morning and home again every evening? Tired of spending more time and money than you want for childcare? Read a blog about one parent’s reasons for switching to au pair childcare: Why I Switched

An Au Pair can help feed the baby!

Au Pairs can help with daily tasks and free you up for family time!

Let an au pair simplify life for you! Au pairs are international caregivers with at least 32 hours of training, many with college degrees and thousands of hours of experience, who live with your family. They become an integral part of your family for a year, or up to two years, while they provide up to 45 hours per week, not more than 10 hours per day, of childcare. Your kids can learn a new culture or language, or become even more familiar with their own heritage.

Au pairs can do so much more than any daycare, babysitter, or nanny! They can work flexible schedules, set weekly or bi-weekly by you. They can help with child-related household chores like making/packing kids’ lunches, doing kids’ laundry while you work and kids are at school, and even helping out at bath and bedtime. They can work those split-shift schedules you need, a couple hours in both morning and night, or a combination of split-shifts and full days.

How much is this? You may be surprised to find out the average cost for a RI family can be as low as an average of $329 per week! If you have three kids in childcare in RI, you are probably already paying over $400 per week! Au pair childcare is a real, affordable solution to your childcare needs. The benefits are cultural exchange and flexibility, a new partner on your parenting team, a friend for life, and oh yeah, your crazy childcare needs are completely covered.

Contact me, your Go Au Pair LAR (Local Area Representative), Joan Lowell, at 401.309.1925 or I look forward to answering your questions about the Au Pair Program in Rhode Island.


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