Are You Living the Golden Rule?

Model and teach the Golden Rule

Do unto others…you know the rest!

You’ve heard of it, right? I think everyone has, but I am not always right. Just in case, the “Golden Rule” is the rule of life, whether you get it from the Ten Commandments or some non-religious source. It basically means that you should treat others in the way that you would like to be treated.

I notice it in my kids all the time, and whether or not I call it the Golden Rule, that’s what it is. I often find myself asking my three-year old son, who is quite active and physical, if he would like (fill in the blank here with whatever offense for which he is currently being reprimanded) that done to him. Inevitably, the answer is no, because he does not want a block thrown at his head. He is a bright boy, after all. However, he is a three-year old and needs many daily reminders of what behavior is and is not appropriate.

You might try looking in the mirror and asking yourself if you would like to be treated the way that you are treating or speaking to others. It is a great way to check yourself and make sure you are being the best person you can be, no matter who you are, your age or anything else!

My counterpart in Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE wrote a blog about the importance of being kind to your au pair. Check it out! We can all take a little extra time and effort to be kind to all of those we meet each day.

Going that extra mile to help someone or just taking a few seconds to stop and speak to someone or give someone a genuine compliment might just make that someone’s day! Be the best you can be every day, even if it isn’t actually your best day! Trust me, each day has its challenges, no matter who you are and what you face. If we recognize that we are all just in this crazy ride together and lend that extra measure of kindness, perhaps, just maybe, tomorrow will be better for all of us!



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