Summer Packets Started Yet?

Go Read a Book together!

No matter the age, read to your child daily!

If your child did not receive a summer packet of some sort, I would be calling the school. Even my entering-first grader has two packets of math, reading and writing that could potentially fill several hours of her time! Frankly, I think it may be a bit overkill at that age, but nonetheless, most kids have school work to do over the summer. How long will you wait until you get them going on it? Or are you lucky enough to have one of those kids who just love to get it done early, and might even do more than required?

I’ve got a couple of each, at least, I think! What’s most important is to show the kids you are not going to ignore it or do it for them, but will support them in getting it done and done well. Even for my six year old, it is her responsibility to complete the tasks, but as her mom, it is my responsibility to provide her the time, place and support, if needed, to complete the work before the end of August. RI libraries have Summer Reading Programs which can help kids complete summer reading requirements. This summer’s theme is science, with programs, special offerings and great books for everyone!

As parents, we may not like getting our kids to do school work, but it is a part of the job. If you have a hard time putting your foot down, set some goals for what work should be completed by certain dates. Look at it this way – it’s nearly 4th of July, so there are basically only 8 weeks or so left of summer. I am sorry to put it like that, since summer is my absolute favorite time of year (why else would I have become a teacher?), but it’s true. These weeks will fly by and before we know it, summer’s days will be dwindling and there may be a mad frenzied panic of unwanted work in those last days. Prevent that by attacking the beast early.

Make a plan for what needs to be done and when. If you start to fall off the wagon, so to speak, spend one afternoon catching up and get back on the schedule. Plan ahead so that your child can be finished with the work a few weeks before school is back in, allowing a couple week cushion for bonus rest/summer time, or last-minute do-it-or-die time. Either way, you will thank your own self for planning ahead, even if it takes your child the better part of the next decade to thank you!

Don’t forget, contact me anytime with your questions about tutoring, reading, writing, special education, or au pair childcare! I can be reached at 401.309.1925 or


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