We are Growing Again!

Go Au Pair is a cultural child care experience like no other!

Choose Go Au Pair for cultural childcare

Rhode Island area families are catching on! Congratulations! Why not join the smartest families around by hosting an au pair from Go Au Pair?

Go Au Pair Providence continues to grow, as we recently welcomed Yuri from South Korea for a short stay between her first and second year. We are poised to welcome another au pair to our cluster as well! Terri from South Africa will be arriving next month!

Another family or two have expressed interest in hosting, so if you have questions about au pair child care, why not inquire? If you need, I could ask another Host Family to share their experiences with you. This may help to allay your anxiety if you have never hosted live-in child care before.

One way to meet other Host Families is to attend the social events I host for our cluster. While Host Families are required to attend only one meeting per year, I frequently have family-friendly events where children and Host Families can come too! This is also great for the au pairs to meet each others’ families and children. Au pairs, by the way, are required to attend four of these events each year.

Families and au pairs can suggest activities too! In fact, one of the questions I ask a new au pair at his or her orientation is what types of activities they have dreamed of doing or attending while in America.

We are participating in the Color Run for the second year in a row and we are attending WaterFire in Providence later this month, just to name a couple. My husband is even taking me on a gondola ride before the lighting! Sign up for the Color Run at http://thecolorrun.com/providence/ and we are team Go Au Pair Providence with a 9 am start. Not your thing? Reserve your own gondola at gondola ri.com!

Want to suggest an activity or just attend one? Contact me, comment here, register online with your contact details, and I will be happy to add you to our evite list! See you all soon!


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