How are YOU Spending Summer?

Visit RI bike paths today!

Get active with Go Au Pair this summer!

Summer is a time for bike-riding, berry-picking, B-B-Qs and beach days. How have you and your au pair been spending your time this summer? I would like to make a few suggestions. First things first, every day does not have to be filled with car rides and ice cream cones, and everything fun doesn’t have to cost a lot! Consider a few of these great RI places to visit, and then consider giving back a little to your community too.

Here we go! Like riding bikes? Rhode Island has miles and miles of bike paths for your walking, strolling or riding pleasure. In fact, the RI Department of Transportation has a great site to help you find the closest entrance to our over 60 miles of wooded riding! Check them out and get the kids moving!

How about nature lovers who don’t want to work out? Why not check out some of the most beautiful pick-your-own berries? Right now is a great time for blueberries, which can be eaten fresh, baked into pies, muffins and pancakes, or even frozen for a sweet treat in the middle of winter! If it’s not berries, why not pick some vegetables to add to tonight’s dinner? Search online for your favorite fresh produce and where to pick it right now! Support local farming and learn something with the kids while you’re there!

Have you been to the beach yet? I will admit it – I have not been to the ocean yet this season, but I have been to our local beach at least 15 times! Anyway, Go Au Pair will meet you there if you’d like! The Providence and Boston clusters are planning a Family Beach Day in August…details to follow soon! Remember to lather the kids with sunscreen, even if they say they don’t need it! The sun’s rays can burn, even on a cloudy or hazy day. At the minimum, shoulders and faces should be done; at least that’s what I always do on my own kids, or keep them in t-shirts.

What about night life? Have you been getting out after hours? Have you tried karaoke? I have and it was nearly disastrous, simply because I normally do not sing in front of anyone other than my family! I recommend singing in front of total strangers who you will never see or recognize again, since you may embarrass yourself! Okay, maybe I really don’t recommend getting up to sing, but it is a fun time out to see other people, brave enough to sing publicly!

Finally, now that your fun is considered, please take a moment to consider giving a little back to some less fortunate than you, no matter how well off you may consider yourself. The South County YMCA has a great charity called the 100 Family Challenge. There is a specific family in need – a family with nine children, six of whom would like to attend camp next month. If possible, please consider giving whatever amount you can, even if a few dollars. Contact Susan Hoopes at, or to donate online, visit their website and click on South County YMCA to designate your donation, and thank you in advance!

Whatever you do, please get out there and have fun! Enjoy all that RI and the surrounding areas has to offer. Remember, this is your cultural exchange experience too! Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative, with your questions about au pair childcare. I look forward to sharing with you – reach me at or 401.309.1925.


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