One More Week to Save on Polish Au Pairs!

Go Au Pair offers a discount each month for hosting an au pair from a given country. We call it our Featured Au Pair Country and this month, we celebrate Poland. American Host Families all over the country can save at least $100 when matching with a Polish au pair during the month of July. You have just one more week to choose your Polish au pair.

Visit us online and learn more about au pair childcare. We have specific au pairs from Poland, like Krystyna, Patrycja, and Krzysztof, who are ready to match you with, their new American Host Family. Maybe you have visited the Polish cities of Warsaw or Krakow, or your ancestors hail from Poland. Embrace your heritage and connect with modern-day Poland. Hosting an au pair can meet so many demands of your busy family while providing a unique cultural exchange experience for your entire family.

Would you like to learn a little more about Poland? Although my ancestors are from Wales, Scotland and France, I appreciate all cultures. Here are some interesting facts about Poland.

Its capital and largest city is Warsaw, and Poland boasts a population of over 38 million people who officially speak Polish.



The national symbol is the white eagle.

Over 30% of Poland’s land is covered in forests, making it the 4th most forested country in Europe.

Although most of Poland is rather flat land, its highest peak, Rysy, in the Tatra Mountains, rises to a whopping 8199 feet! That is ten times higher than Rhode Island’s highest point, Jerimoth Hill, at a tiny 812 feet! Wow!

Like most other countries, football (American soccer) is the most popular sport in the nation, with competitive teams all over. Other sports are popular, too, such as

Education is highly valued in Poland, with over 90% of youngsters completing secondary education and a full 50% earning college degrees. Poland has produced at least 17 Nobel Prize winners, four Peace prizes and five in Literature.

If you visit Poland or your Polish au pair uses an elevator, there is a funny difference, according to The first floor is considered zero, so to reach the second floor, press one! That could be confusing for a Polish au pair in America!

Poland is a nation of resilient people who have survived long periods of difficulty and war. The country has been invaded or has fought for freedom at least 43 times in the period between 1600 and 1945! This may have lead to the fact that over 30% of Poles live outside Poland, with the largest populations in the U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

Why not learn more about Poland and its fascinating history, traditions and people? Host an au pair from Poland, or any other country of your choice. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair LAR in the Rhode Island area.



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