Go Au Pair LOVES La Gondola in Providence!

La Gondola RI welcomes Go Au Pair aboard!

Rosario provided a unique experience as our Gondolier!

Picture yourself on an authentic Venetian gondola with your lover, being serenaded by your Gondolier with beautiful Italian love songs as you gently float by the hustle and bustle of the city. You have not a care in the world as you ride past cafes and parks full of onlookers. Welcome to the Renaissance City of Providence!

Go Au Pair Providence attended WaterFire on Saturday evening and were treated to a most relaxing ride along the Providence River by La Gondola! Romantic and memorable are two words that immediately come to mind. I was highly impressed by the professionalism and authenticity the entire experience, as well as the historic and cultural knowledge of our talented and charming Gondolier, Rosario, whose stunning authentic Italian love songs attracted the attention of anyone near the river.

This is an experience for those who wish to view our beautiful city from an entirely different perspective. Take a half hour tour and see the city as never before. I was amazed at how relaxing it was and would highly recommend the experience to all my friends, family, au pairs and Host Families! They even chilled our beverages and provided glasses and biscotti!

This amazing experience may not be just for couples, although I highly suggest it. I did notice up to 6 passengers in another gondola, but personally, this was an intimate experience. Their floating lounge is available before and during WaterFire too. Their fleet consists of 3 beautifully ornate gondolas, each with its own story, measuring about 36 feet in length and 5 feet at the widest. The tour itself is full of opportunities to ask questions or just hear a bit of history if you like.

WaterFire may be a busy night to take a ride, so plan your trip at your leisure, since La Gondola operates seven nights a week from mid-May to mid-October, weather permitting. Their website says they will even customize your trip “to create an amazing cultural and historic Providence experience”! Pricing varies too, so if you are on a budget, plan on a non-WaterFire night for an even more private and personal experience.

Whatever you do, go try it! Go Au Pair Providence LOVES La Gondola! An average evening can be transformed into a romantic and memorable experience in 30 minutes! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, or contact Matthew directly at La Gondola at 401.421.8877 and tell him Go Au Pair Providence sent you!


3 thoughts on “Go Au Pair LOVES La Gondola in Providence!

  1. Dear Go Au Pair Providence,

    Thank you so much for this post; I greatly appreciate you writing it, and you really have hit the nail on the head, so to speak: we think that the gondola trip is one that anybody can enjoy, from local to visitor, couple to group, young to…more mature. The trip is always tailored to the party we have on board, and I am VERY happy to know that Rosario provided an experience that you seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

    I am looking forward to seeing you two on board again some day, and to meeting the rest of the Go Au Pair network!

    Grazie e ciao,
    Matthew “Marcello” Haynes
    La Gondola Providence, Inc.

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