Bike and Boat Safety in August

Please take care of the kids!

Keep a close eye on the kids this summer!

This summer, this past weekend, in fact, there have been a number of terrible accidents involving safety precautions where injury and tragedy could have been avoided. Education is the key to most of these incidents. Read, learn, share!

Please keep in mind some of the following basic measures while enjoying what is left of summer:

NO KIDS IN CARS! No matter how long you think it might be, never, Never, NEVER leave kids in cars! It is just too hot and too dangerous. I have written about this before, but it is worth repeating. Please avoid tragedy and keep your kids with you, no matter how inconvenient. If you must, get a sitter! If your child wakes up cranky, better to have a cranky baby on your hands than a funeral and only tears of regret! Sorry to be so harsh, but we have got to start paying more attention to our kids to keep them safe!

Bicycle safety starts, but does not end, with wearing a helmet! It’s not enough! Personally, my kids and I, in fact our whole family, loves bike riding. It is a challenge to get the kids to wear their helmets, but there is something even more important. Wearing a helmet is a great way to avoid injury in the case of a fall, crash or minor accident. However, more important to me, is avoiding any sort of injury in the first place. According to the leading bicycle safety website, avoiding unwanted contact with cars and other vehicles is the most important safety concern, even before wearing a helmet.

Their site gives ten realistic ways to avoid getting hit by a car. This should be taught in physical education class! Let’s get more people talking about real bike safety instead of just wearing a helmet. I am not saying don’t bother with the helmet, but I am saying learn a little more before you consider yourself, your kids, or your au pair safe when riding bikes. Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a Kids and Bicycle Safety page which gives 7 Safe Riding Tips as well as 7 Rules of the Road which all children or bicycle riders need to know. Please visit these helpful sites to review bicycle safety with your family.

Boat safety is no different! Educate yourself and your family before the vacation! The  U.S. Coast Guard has safety courses available as well as an informative website for the purpose of providing information and preventing accidents. Did you know that less than half of boat owners have taken a safety course? Did you know that someone is injured or killed every two and a half hours in a boating accident? Your chances of surviving an accident are doubled if you are wearing a life jacket. Educate yourself and your family so that you are making good decisions and your vacation will end with all safe and well!

I wish you many safe adventures this summer and welcome your comments and discussion. Please involve your au pair in your summer activities, including boating and biking, and share your pictures or stories with me! As always, contact me, your Go Au Pair local area representative, with your questions about au pair childcare.



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