Familytopia Celebrates Five Years in Rhode Island!

Source: Familytopia

Source: Familytopia

Congratulations are in order for Johanna Corcoran and Familytopia!  Although their main page seems to be undergoing some reconstruction, I checked their Facebook page after a friend recommended her family programs. According to their “About” page on Facebook, Familytopia strives to build families from the inside out with a holistic approach by offering workshops and programs for families and employers, as well as a free, monthly e-newsletter. The idea is to help empower busy parents to create quality and meaningful moments with their kids in the limited time each day provides. I think we can all relate to that!

How many times have you laid in your bed at night and wondered where the day went? Have there been days in your family that were so busy, for whatever reason, that you didn’t do the normal routines like story time and prayers? Don’t feel guilty. We are all human, and tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities! Familytopia can help! Go Au Pair wants to point all of our local families to the best our area has to offer. As our Rhode Island representative, I want my Host Families and Au Pairs to know about Familytopia and Johanna!

At Familytopia, even the free ideas are something meaningful you can do at home with the kids! I can appreciate that at a time when my family is relocating and all our routines are in an uproar! I love this month’s idea Johanna included in her newsletter. By the way, did I mention that, like me, Johanna is a mom who has re-invented herself with the changes life has thrown in our path? She is the founder and sole proprietor of this service, and it is a service to the families of RI. What a legacy! She strives to help every family, no matter who or where, to improve the quality of the time we have with our kids, no matter how short.

One example of this is this month’s Simple-topia Craft, a Belief Boosting Frame. This simple craft can be individualized for every single child and has very basic materials, possibly already around the house. I can’t wait to make this with my kids…still thinking about my message for them. This little picture frame craft allows you, the parent, a short time to talk with your child individually about something important, whether it is an area needing improvement or a message you feel they need to see and remember daily, or a family belief. During the discussion, you and your child choose a power word or phrase which will become part of the artwork on the frame, which your child paints in solid colors of their choice. Choosing the photo to match the phrase can be further personalized by using one of your child doing the goal behavior or completing an accomplishment which exemplifies the belief or power phrase.

These activities provide private moments where real conversation takes place. Johanna’s ability to provide such vastly different families found in Rhode Island with an avenue to open communication with our children on an individual level deserves recognition. Thank you, Johanna, for providing such thoughtful activities! I can only imagine how enriching the paid events and programs must be to the families and participants. Familytopia even provides workshops for employers who want to build and support their employees and their families! Check out Familytopia programming, specifically the upcoming Inner Sparks Back-to-School Blast! Get your tickets before this Thursday for that limited-space event!

Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative, with your questions about au pair childcare in RI and surrounding areas. Contact Johanna Corcoran at Familytopia to get on her mailing list and hear about the great opportunities offered to Rhode Island area families through this great family service agency! I welcome your comments and stories of your Familytopia experience too!


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