Celebrate Argentina in August!














Go Au Pair has announced Argentina as this month’s Featured Country! When Host Families choose to match with an au pair from Argentina during the month of August, they will be eligible for $100 off program fees!

So, how is your geography? Where is Argentina and what do you know about it? I know it takes up a huge chunk of South America and it is a Spanish-speaking country. After that, I am learning with you!

Let’s try some interesting facts you may not know, as I did not before visiting http://www.sciencekids.co.nz after a quick Google search.

Have you heard of the famous Latin dance called the Tango? Of course you have! Guess what? It originated in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. And yes, they do speak Spanish in the Argentine Republic (that’s the country’s official name), but they also speak many other languages, including Italian and English!

You may also be familiar with the Argentine currency, or money, known as the Peso. To give you an idea of its value, an American dollar is worth a little more than 13 pesos, or one peso is worth about eight cents American money.

Although its most popular sport is football (American soccer), the national sport of Argentina is something called Pato, which is the word for duck. The game takes parts of both polo and basketball, and it is played on horseback. Apparently it is called “Duck” because early forms of the game included using a live duck inside a basket instead of today’s version, which uses a ball! Nothing like Duck, Duck, Goose!

I think I would love to eat in Argentina…they are the world’s largest consumers of red meat – beef. I happen to love all kinds of beef. Argentine barbecues, called Asado, are extremely popular in this great meat-eating nation. Invite me over anytime….I like mine medium rare please!

There is lots more to learn about Argentina. Check out this cool website I found with tons of information….you can look up any country! What a great tool when you are deciding some of your top countries of interest when choosing the home country of your next au pair.

Feel free to message me, Joan Lowell, your Providence area LAR for Go Au Pair. I look forward to helping your family find a great match in your next live-in au pair!



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