What Does Au Pair Childcare Really Offer?

Get skilled childcare with Go Au Pair!

Go Au Pair offers truly skilled care, no matter how many kids!

I have written many articles about the benefits of au pair childcare. Alas, I still get comments from people who think I am bashing all other forms of childcare. I would like to correct that assumption. I have respect for all parents, as it is the hardest job we will ever have, and it comes with no manual, no boss, no paycheck, and one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to kids, even twins!

People have to work. Our society requires us to pay money for lots of services and products we have become used to having and do not want to go without for any length of time. That requires a job, unless of course, you are independently wealthy! Au pair childcare is a great option for many families, but I recognize it may not be for everyone.

Is it for me, you’re wondering. Let’s take a look at what au pair childcare offers that you may not find is part of the package with daycare, private nannies or other babysitters you may find yourself using to meet childcare needs.

Today, let’s look at skills. An individual’s skills vary, naturally. The one constant you have with au pair childcare is the consistency of training, which can be even further enhanced if you send your au pair to our exclusive New York City training. Each au pair completes 32 hours of childcare training, which is required by the U.S. Department of State, the agency which regulates our entire program. Nannies and Daycare are regulated in some states, but even those regulations vary.

With au pair childcare, you can request an au pair with CPR and First Aid certification, as well as a licensed driver, or even an infant au pair, who has even more infant-specific training. Simply stated, au pair childcare offers more varied skill options to match your family’s needs.

Next time, I would like to look at how au pair childcare might be a better match to your personal lifestyle. If you have questions about au pair childcare, comment here or message me directly. I look forward to hearing your perspective and experience with different forms of childcare.


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