Consider Writing a Letter

Go Write a Letter!

Try letter-writing with kids for fun!

Writing is not a lost art. Cursive writing may be losing ground, but letter-writing is still alive and well! This writer and teacher of English refuses to give in without a fight! Have you considered writing to anyone lately? One of my colleagues in the PA/DE area shares how her au pairs fight off homesickness by using today’s technology. How could we use lower tech methods to do the same?

I write to my daughter who is 13 and lives at a PA boarding school nearly six hours away by car. She writes to me every week and I write back. Of course, we talk on the phone and she will have access to email this year, so that is just another way to communicate. One great result of my daughter moving away is the wonderful relationships she has been able to grow through letter-writing, not just with me, but extended family as well.

Before she moved, she only saw my mom and uncle a couple times a year, if that, and visits were busy with holiday meals and whatnot. Since she has been living four hundred miles away, letters have been steadily flowing back and forth between her and both my mom and my uncle, who live in the Berkshires of MA. It has been a fantastic way for them to get to know this young lady and lend her all the moral support possible through the written word, which she can hold and look at, read over again, and cherish.

Have you considered writing letters to your potential au pair and getting to know each other more that way? At Go Au Pair, we want our families and au pairs to be happy with their matches. We encourage communication over several weeks and via different technologies. Talking on the phone is great, using Skype or Facetime are other real-time options, but letter-writing can give you a totally different perspective.

When I was in elementary school, we had pen pals. Mine was a young boy in New Mexico. I remember writing back and forth just a couple of times, but it was very interesting to hear about the life of someone else my age with a different set of experiences. Some schools still offer this exciting option, but with classroom time taken up by so many other topics, letter-writing is often at the bottom of the to-do list.

There are many online sites where you can safely find a pen pal from anywhere around the world. Try PenPal World or Interpals or PenpalsNow! for safe and easy ways to find real pen pals! Be sure to get parent permission first, though. Au pairs and Host Children can have great fun writing to new friends all over the globe. You may even discover a friend-for-life or another country or culture you want to explore further! Good luck, have fun, and don’t stress about your spelling (too much)!

For more questions about au pair childcare or educational activities to do with your kids, message me or add your own comment. Let’s get kids excited about writing again!


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