Your Attitude Says it All!

Get started right with Go Au Pair!

Go Au Pair wants you to feel the love – have a great day!

My mother tells me that I do not hide my feelings well. That is true. If I am annoyed, I cannot help but have a puss on my face, maybe even cross my arms, and I probably will not say much. If I am happy, I will be the hostess with the most-est! I can be friendly, gracious, generous and very hospitable.

It usually starts first thing in the morning. If I wake up well-rested with a positive attitude about my day, just about nothing can get me down. If I wake up poorly with stress or pressure or kids already nagging at me, it could be a rough day. What I have found is that if I start out positively, with a grateful attitude, even if my schedule is jam-packed, I tend to be the nicer version of me.

I would like you to think about trying this, whether you are a mom or an au pair or anyone else! If you start your day positively, whether through meditation or daily devotions, or just a quiet coffee and the news, your attitude is what gets you through. It can be what drags you down, but you are in charge of which one!

As a mom or Host Parent, your attitude could be what makes or breaks your kids or your au pair’s day! Suppose you wake up the kids or your au pair with yelling, banging doors, and negative attitude and comments. What might you expect in return? The same is true of a positive beginning. Even if the response you get isn’t AS positive as what you gave out, keep it up and people will be hard-pressed to keep giving you a negative attitude.

My friend and colleague, Polina, has written a blog post calling life and the Au Pair Program a do-it-yourself project. Please read it here. I have to agree that one person can make or break their own experience. If you begin to plague your mind and spirit with negative garbage, what do you expect is going to come out of your mind, mouth and body? Negative garbage! It takes very little extra effort to be positive, helpful, and friendly and the benefits that you reap around you are innumerable!

Host Families and Au Pairs all have stories of how a positive or negative attitude made their placement awesome or awful. What will you do for yourself, your kids and your au pair? Share you stories, good and bad, with me! One result of the Au Pair Program can be growth and development for the entire family when people allow themselves a chance to learn and grow from one another. Why not offer your family, and an au pair, an awesome cultural childcare experience this fall? Contact me with your questions about au pair childcare and positive attitudes!


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