You Are Invited to Our September Event!

Bring a friend too!

Join us for some fall family fun!

Each year, I plan at least six events for my local area Au Pairs and Host Families. Each Host Family is supposed to attend at least one event, but my events are almost always parent and kid-friendly, since I often bring a couple of my own! Au pairs are required to attend four events each year of their placement in order to have a full cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair.

So far this year, we have been snow tubing, out to breakfast, to the races, by the bay for international potluck, downtown for Providence WaterFire and a gondola ride, and now we are going apple-picking. Won’t you join us?

Have you ever been to the northwest corner of Rhode Island? It is known for lots of snow in the winter and school cancellations! But don’t count on that yet! We are planning to visit family-owned and operated farm, Sunset Orchard Farm in North Scituate, Rhode Island. It is about a 20 minute ride west of Providence, only 10 minutes from the eastern CT border, and about 20 minutes from our MA neighbors as well.

I hope my families will come and bring the au pair and kids for a few hours of fall family fun! I just love picking fresh fruits and vegetables this time of year! I am looking forward to picking different varieties of apples grown at the orchard. This particular orchard has personal memories for me. Read about them on my Patch blog. I just may bring my Grandma some cider, since she enjoys it so much still at age 94!

Contact me to be added to my email list for local area events. Potential Host Families and friends are always welcome at our cultural events. Sign up now for our October event, the ColorRun in Providence. Be sure to sign up for a 9am start on team Go Au Pair Providence! If not, join us for a trip to Salem, MA near Halloween, or come race go-karts with us in December at F1 Boston!



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