Get Colorful with Go Au Pair Providence!

Go Au Pair Providence is happy to announce we are participating in the ColorRun Providence for the second year in a row! There is still time to join us, too! You can save $5 off your registration when you use the code RIFRIENDS at www.thecolorrun/providence.

Visit to join the colorful fun!

Visit for super local savings!

What is the ColorRun? It is known as the Happiest 5K on the planet. Color runners, or walkers like me, will be covered with different colors of cornstarch at four points on the course. By the end, each color runner is their own private rainbow! Last year, my kids were literally rolling around on the streets to soak up the last bits of color! They were not alone, by the way. Lots of adults were playfully rolling in the streets.

This is your chance to join us in the fun! Team Go Au Pair Providence is registered for a 9am start, so don’t be late! We will meet at Station Park, the site of the Start/Finish line and Race Day Party. This is just across the street and down the hill behind the beautiful state house. While you are enjoying the pre- and post-race party, be sure to look 235 feet above street level and get a view of our famous Independent Man, the 11-foot statue (14 feet to the tip of his spear), made of 500 pounds of gilded bronze. Originally planned as a statue of RI’s founding father, Roger Williams, our Independent Man was created as the current  figure the 1899 architect called “Hope,” depicting freedom and sovereignty.

Come on out on October 5th and cheer us on! Or even better, lace up your new kicks and join us for some seriously colorful fun! Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Providence area Go Au Pair representative, for more information about cultural childcare experiences in RI, CT and MA. To sign up for the ColorRun, visit their website and join team Go Au Pair Providence on October 5th at 9am in downtown Providence, RI. Can’t wait to see you there!


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