Au Pair Experiences – Many Firsts!

When you invite a young adult from another country into your home to live and help care for your children, you are exposing your family to a wonderful cultural exchange experience. The entire year is probably going to be full of “firsts,” like the first time your au pair tastes something uniquely American, or the first time he or she drives alone, or goes out alone or attends college class in America. There are so many firsts, it can be overwhelming, but remember, your Host Family, and me, your Local Area Representative, are here to support you! Go Au Pair wants to make it even better!

Just like my counterpart in PA, I would love to offer another first to the au pairs in the RI, CT and MA area. Polina recently brought her cluster to volunteer for Autism Speaks, and shared the experience on her blog. I would love to see our RI au pairs and families join in the volunteerism!

Go Au Pair wants you to volunteer!

Go volunteer with your Host Family!

There is no shortage of ideas, but always a shortage of people, but as my mother-in-law says, many hands make light work. How would you like to get involved? I am talking to my local au pairs….so get back to me and let me know what interests you. Is there a charity you are passionate about? Is there a need in your local community? If you are not sure, a great website can direct you to the right volunteer experience just for you! Visit serve Rhode Island and find out how you can help!

Comment or message me back and let me know your top three ideas for charity or fundraising in the local Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts area!


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