What Speaks to YOU?

Recently, I wrote about how the Au Pair Program offers many firsts to both au pair candidates as well as Host Families. One of my colleagues in Pennsylvania is a champion of good causes, and her cluster recently volunteered to raise money for Autism Speaks. Polina also strives to educate not only her au pairs and Host Families, but also you and I, her readers, about Autism and how we can all help find a cure.

Source: AutismSpeaks.org

Source: AutismSpeaks.org

I would like to reiterate something Polina hinted at, or even stated, in her post. She said that au pairs are people who care for children, so it is the duty of an au pair to educate themselves about the child in his or her care. That being said, more and more children in the United States are being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, or autism, as well as ADHD and other disorders without a “cure.”  I would like to offer some support to our au pairs and Host Families here in RI, CT and MA.

Many families have discovered ways to successfully communicate with their non-verbal children with autism. These successful methods should be shared with caregivers as well as teachers. Children with autism often thrive on routine, and will usually transfer skills if the same methods are used in different situations. Even some basic sign language can be learned very quickly, and can be fun too!

Frequently, au pairs have never taken care of a child with autism, as there may not be as many accurate diagnoses in his or her home country. However, once your au pair becomes a part of your family, he or she will often discover they did know children like this back home. Many au pairs do report experience with children with ADHD. Educate your au pair about what things will calm your child when he or she gets upset, as well as what things may set your child “off,” so to speak.

Au pair childcare can be a great options for families with special needs children. It is often difficult to keep sitters or get evenings out when your child may be hyperactive, difficult to communicate or stubborn. With au pair childcare, your au pair becomes a member of your family, learns about your child and loves and cares for him or her when you are not at home! Go Au Pair offers full and part time live-in childcare in the RI, CT and MA area. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative, for more information about au pair childcare for you! We are offering a great local discount for new Host Families – go online and register today!


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