Did You See Me at the Color Run?

Each year, Local Area Reps such as myself plan several cultural events for our local area clusters to attend. Here they can meet other au pairs and Host Families, experience some of our local events and traditions, and have a little bit of fun. To review this year, we have been snow-tubing at Yawgoo Valley, had brunch at Cracker Barrel, spectated at a dirt bike racing event, had an International Potluck by the bay, attended world famous WaterFire Providence, and even went apple-picking and for a tractor ride! Last week, Go Au Pair Providence went to the Color Run in downtown Providence! Where were you? We managed to walk/jog the 5K course in under 45 minutes! Three of my children, Maggie age 11, Jenna age 6 and Joseph age 3, all joined us too! This was all of our second year in a row! We think we might do it again next year, but hope our group gets bigger and bigger!

The day was brisk and cool, but sunny. Thankfully, downtown Providence is several degrees warmer than our home in the northwest corner of the state. By the time we found our free parking space next to the beautiful state house, we walked down the hill to the pre-race party in the park. We had our pictures taken at a few places along the way too! It was lots of fun for everyone, even if we did spit different colors after each color station!

The only one in our party who had a rough moment (not really) was my son Joe. When we entered the pink station and one of the volunteers started to spray him, Joe realized it was pink. He is a man’s man and refuses to eat off pink or purple plates at home and even refuses to be dried with girly-colored towels after his bath! He gave the girl his meanest look and then turned his back on her! My older daughter, Maggie and I, laughed so hard, and then I held him still for a second so he got the back of his shirt sprayed with pink. He was a little bent out of shape, but got over it when he saw green just ahead!

I would love to see some of you at our next event, which may be touring historic Salem, Massachusetts later this month! Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative for the Providence, Rhode Island area, with your comments and questions.


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