Top Ten Reasons to Host an Au Pair

My colleague, Polina, recently reminded her readers about the details of the Au Pair Program in a great blog post! Please visit her blog and read her many articles about Go Au Pair and her very active cluster in Pennsylvania. She is an avid writer, volunteer and advocate for cultural exchange and tolerance and one of Go Au Pair’s best Local Area Representatives.

Go get your cultural childcare experience at Go Au Pair!

Could your family benefit from all that the au pair childcare experience can bring?

She has inspired me to write for you. Here are my top 10 reasons American families, families in Rhode Island even, should host an au pair to meet their varied childcare needs.

10. You deserve the flexibility an au pair brings. Full or part time options are available and you can schedule your au pair for split shifts or rotating days if you need. How many hours of help could you use?

9. You deserve a date night or some individual time with your children. An au pair can help you get everything done at home so you have a little extra time to yourself or to spend a few precious moments with the ones you love.

8. You deserve the option of choosing the skills you need from your caregiver. If you need a driver or someone with CPR and First Aid training, we have those people. You can search our database for individuals with several different skills to narrow the field to a reasonable number of candidates.

7. You deserve to be able to interview and communicate with more than one au pair candidate at a time. Unlike other agencies who only allow you to communicate with one candidate at a time, Go Au Pair wants you to have many options. You can interview as many candidates as you like until you find your Mutual Match.

6. Your kids deserve the big sister or big brother who will make them the coolest kids on the block! Your kids will be learning all about your au pair’s home country, culture and traditions while also being the experts on the US who will teach your au pair what American kids are really like!

5. Your kids deserve the language immersion that is rivaled only by private language-immersion programs, with the added benefit of childcare and childcare-related housekeeping. Learning Spanish? Choose which country your Spanish-speaking au pair calls home!

4. You deserve the budget options we offer. Go Au Pair wants to bring the cultural childcare experience to you. We offer an agency-matching policy other agencies fear! Our Local Area Discount can bring the cost to below $7.35 per hour for a full time au pair!

3. You deserve the stress relief that an au pair will bring to your family. Did you know an au pair can even do the kids’ laundry? That’s right! Au pairs can do child-related housekeeping like light meal prep, laundry, driving, cleaning play rooms and the like. You deserve the help your au pair can bring you and your family!

2. You deserve the cultural experience that comes when hosting an au pair. Maybe you didn’t realize that your Local Area Representative, that’s me, plans at least 6 events each year. These are local cultural events designed for both au pairs and Host Families to meet each other, explore our great local cultural events and historic places, and just plain have fun!

1. The top reason Rhode Island families should host an au pair is the opportunity to repeat the au pair childcare experience over and over again with au pairs from different countries all over the world as your children grow. Families who participate in the au pair program for many years end up with very close friends in countries all over the world, people who they keep in touch with over the years. Expand your family’s horizons and host an au pair today!

Contact me, Joan Lowell, for more information about hosting an au pair in the RI, CT and MA area. Contact me via email at and via phone at 401.309.1925.


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