Need More Than Just Childcare?

Are you looking for more than just childcare? Go Au Pair offers American families affordable childcare and so much more.

Forty-five hours per week of live-in childcare is great, but we offer even more. How about a cultural exchange experience too? How about an added family member who will live with and contribute to your household in so many ways? How about a caregiver who can also do the kids’ laundry and keep their rooms and play areas clean? How about an individual who could also pick them up from school, drive to

Au pairs provide I've in childcare and related tasks for your children!

Get the childcare and household help you really need! Host an au pair from Go Au Pair,

Karate or dance lessons, supervise homework and make a healthy, light meal too?

The Au Pair Program may be the perfect match for your family. The average daycare cannot accommodate your changing schedule or do the baby’s laundry. The average nanny will not transport your children or work the before and after school shifts you need. An au pair can. An Au pair can do all these things!

Local families in the Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts area may be eligible for our best pricing ever. That is full time live-in care for all your kids for as little as $7.31 per hour! Host Families do pay the au pair stipend directly and contribute toward the educational requirement, but for average of less than $325 per week, you can give your family a cultural childcare experience from Go Au Pair. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative, at 401.309.1925 or, with your questions about participating in your own cultural exchange experience!


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