One Week Left to Save on Brazilian Au Pairs!

Have you considered an au pair from Brazil? During the month of October, Host Families who match with a Brazilian au pair are eligible for $100 off program fees. Why host someone from Brazil? Here are some interesting facts about Brazil that may surprise you. “Order and Progress” is the country motto, which is just what an au pair from Brazil could bring to your family as soon as next month!

Did you know the official language of Brazil is Portuguese? I actually thought it was Spanish! However, there are over 180 other native languages spoken. The Portuguese language prevails in Brazil, which is the only  South American country to get its language and culture mainly from Portugal. More than half the population claims to be Catholic, while nearly a quarter are Protestant. Brazil is the fifth largest nation on the planet, both in land and citizens, and the largest country in South America! In fact, if the country of Peru were not in the way, Brazil could reach from the South Pacific clear over to the South Atlantic!

Although a growing nation, Brazil’s literacy rate is among the lowest of South American nations. This makes participation in the Au Pair Program even more important than ever for young men and women from Brazil.

Host this male au pair from Brazil!

Anderson is available from Go Au Pair right away!

Anderson is  23 year old candidate from Brazil who wants to match with your family right away. He is a high school graduate who drives and has experience babysitting, tutoring and volunteering. Anderson speaks English (rated 4 out of 5), Spanish and Portuguese! You can rest assured that Anderson, along with all of our available au pair candidates, has completed our training requirements and has passed our extensive screening, making him ready to interview and match with you!

if you might be interest in hosting an au pair, whether from Brazil or some other country, contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative in the RI area. I look forward to helping your family find just the right match for your family!


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