Live-in Childcare Now!

As you know, au pairs are young adults who provide reliable and affordable live-in childcare to American families. Go Au Pair is your local agency and I am your LAR in the RI area. We have representatives in more than 50 cities nationwide, so google us in your area or register online at

Tired of working to pay for multiple forms of child care? Working so much you feel unable to connect with & guide your children the way you want? An Au Pair might be the answer for your family. An Au Pair can fill in the gaps where working parents might be running thin.

An Au Pair is able to help out with things like packing lunches, driving kids to and from summer events and in the fall, to/from school, foreign language development, providing healthy after-school snacks and/or dinner, laundry, supervision of homework/summer assignments and making sure chores are completed.
Parents who host an Au Pair get an added family member to help with the responsibilities around the house. They finally get a chance for a date night or some personal time, or just time to devote to one child at a time.

Our Au Pairs stand out with 8 hours of safety training and extensive details available about your au pair and his or her school, childcare, and driving experience. Infant qualified au pairs need a minimum of 200 hours of documented care with children under two years of age.

Let me introduce you to an outstanding au pair candidate from South Africa. Maria Magdalena, known to everyone as Daleen, speaks fluent English as well as Afrikaans. She is a 19 year old high school graduate with babysitting experience. She came to the Portland, OR area in August with her International Driver’s License, and she has over one year driving experience back home.

Contact Go Au Pair to interview Daleen!

Daleen, or Maria Magdalena, is an au pair from South Africa who is searching for an American Host Family who needs care now!

Infant qualified to care for your under two year old, plus his or her older siblings, Daleen has almost 600 documented hours of under two experience. She has also worked with toddlers and school aged kids, if that sounds more like your family. Daleen is willing to place with single or married, gay or lesbian families, and families who have pets of just about any kind!

Daleen sees herself as a creative person who wants to make a difference. Perhaps your family needs a change. Perhaps that change will start with your cultural childcare experience and Daleen from South Africa. She is available to start within the next week and can stay into next August, or longer.

You may be wondering why Daleen is leaving her Host Family. I can tell you that it was a mutual decision made between Maria Magdalena and her Host Family, based on the fact that Daleen didn’t feel part of the family, as is the expected nature of the au pair program. The Host Parents also felt that their expectations of childcare were not met.

Daleen is willing to work with you and your family so that she can complete her year in America. Would you be interested in 45 hours per week of flexible, reliable, live-in childcare? Contact me right away or simply register online today! Daleen is waiting to hear all about your kids!


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