Patience and Sense of Humor Make Great Foundations!

I was recently reading a blog post of Cyndi Frick, a Host Mom with a great sense of humor and patience. It occurred it me that the first few weeks she speaks of with a new au pair are truly the foundation for the entire year and everyone’s cultural exchange experience. Read it here for yourself:

Au pair childcare offers you flexible time and so much more!

Let Go Au Pair help keep your feet on the ground! Host an Au Pair today!

Foundations are important in houses, life and relationships. If a house has a faulty foundation, living in the house could be dangerous. If one’s life is based in unhealthy habits and behavior, one cannot expect to remain healthy for very long. If a relationship is based on falsehoods or dishonesty, it will not last, but will face many obstacles in short time.

If your house has a sturdy foundation, you can count on safely loving there for years to come. If you maintain healthy activities and practice moderation with unhealthy habits, you can expect to live a healthier, longer life. If you begin your relationship with your au pair in an honest, open manner, showing patience and sense of humor as well as humility, you will discover the beauty of the au pair program as well as the beauty of a loving relationship.

Welcome to the Go Au Pair family, we hope! Feel free to contact me with your questions or go online today and register to be a Host Family. New Host Families in the RI, CT and MA may be eligible for a great locals only discount. Contact me for details or ask about it when you call the main office!


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