Surprise Benefits of Hosting!

Au Pairs bring you more than Go Au Pair today!

Discover the hidden benefits of hosting an au pair from Go Au Pair!

When Host Families decide to take the leap and host an au pair to provide live-in childcare, they often have no idea of the hidden benefits for them too! As Host Parents, they will naturally have a peace of mind that comes from having reliable, flexible childcare. What might surprise them is the discoveries Host Parents make about our own culture and families.

Fellow mom blogger Cyndi Frick has been sharing her family’s au pair experience and we are lucky enough to share it here:

I love her honesty, and the fact that she is so open to the learning experience that comes from hosting. All Host Moms and Dads should read her article to get an idea of what daily life with an au pair is really like.

it is real work to adjust to living with a stranger and leaving your children in their care, but it is an exercise in patience and trust. I agree how Americans take so many things for granted, from the size of our homes and cars to the plethora of options at the grocery store. We really do not appreciate how the rest of the world lives. Hosting an au pair can open our eyes to some very real differences that may make us appreciate American life even more.

And what about that Metric System? As a child in elementary school in the late 1970s, we were told that by the time we were adults, the Metric System would be in the US and replace the outdated and confusing system we still use today! It is no wonder that au pairs new to America struggle to understand our money system or nearly any measurement system we utilize!

i would like to challenge you, my reader, to consider what other ways you might benefit from hosting an au pair from Go Au Pair, your agency of choice. Contact me, Joan Lowell, with your questions, or simply register online and get started interviewing potential candidates tonight! Google us or visit the Rhode Island page at

Your cultural childcare experience is just around the corner. That is full time, up to 45 hours per week, for one great price, no matter how many children in your family. Your au pair can even drive the kids around if you need, or do their laundry and tidy rooms and play areas too! What are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of hosting in as few as two weeks!


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