Lessons Learned by a Male Au Pair

As a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair, I love to hear the au pair perspective, and my fellow blogger Polina gets her au pairs to share all the time:


I am lucky enough to share with you the unique story of a male au pair. Carlos has been the subject of at least one previous blog of mine, and he has been called a poster child for the au pair program by his Host Mom here in Rhode Island. Here is what I have written about him in the past:



Go Au Pair has awesome male au pairs!

Carlos and Fede having some fun time during run time! Go Au Pair brings you a cultural childcare experience like no other!

Here is my turn to share more of Carlos’ experience with you, now that he has been here nearly a year and is planning to return to Spain in January. Recently, I asked Carlos a series of questions. Here is an excerpt of that conversation:

Q:  Can you tell me the best one or two experiences or outcomes from your time in the au pair program?

A:  One of my best experience has been how to live with a new family in a totally different culture. On the other hand, this experience has allowed me to grow as a person and one of the most beautiful, meet people from around the world.

Q:  Do you feel as if you were well prepared to take on this year long task? What things helped you be most prepared? Where do you feel you needed more training or support?

A: Of course, I was prepared for taking care kids but sometimes I feel like we need to know more about host kids before come… I needed to be supported by my Host Mom with the kids’ unique problems, now I know how to act faced with them.

Q:  What is an area where you struggled and how have you been able to endure?

A:  The first goal was be part of the family and I think I did it, actually I´m one more in the family.
My first month, I fought hard with the lenguage, culture, kids (because they need attention) and for meet new people but it wasn´t a problem…

Q:  If there have been any negatives, what were they and how have you handled them?

A:  I think we have to think in the positive part of the things. I have to be very grateful for this great experience and for this fantastic family. This is unique in our life.

Q:  Would you tell other young men and women to participate in the au pair program? Why or why not?

A:  Definitely, yes I would! In fact, I´m recommending this program to everyone who ask me because it help you to grow as a person, to enrich as a person… besides if you like children, it´s the best way to enjoy with them. Besides the fact that you have the possibilty to learn a new culture, study…

Q:  How will your au pair experience help you when you return home?
A:  I don´t know yet, I just wanna enjoy the present but I´m sure that au pair experience will change my life.

Q:  What work will you do?

A:  Hopefully, I would love to open a business together with my brother about tax, labor consultant advisor… will see

Whatever Carlos does when he returns to Spain, it is obvious he has made the most of his au pair experience. He has provided fantastic, dynamic childcare to an equally dynamic American family. He has traveled and taken courses in American university. This experience will no doubt change the future of Carlos in his career as well as his personal life! Thank you, Carlos, for your service! And thank you for allowing me and my readers to learn from your unique perspective.


3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned by a Male Au Pair

  1. Awesome interview! I like it very much. Yes, I heard many times that the Au Pairs said that the Au Pair program helped them to become a responsible and mature person. That unique experience helped young adults widen their horizons, meet many new friends from around the world and find another family where they are missed and welcomed.

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