Your Next Au Pair Candidate

You may have heard that men make great babysitters. I have to agree and would love to introduce you to a great candidate for your family. Anderson Camargo is a registered au pair candidate with Go Au Pair, your agency for a cultural childcare experience.

Register online at Go Au Pair to get started!

View Anderson’s profile at and get started on your cultural childcare experience right away!

What makes Anderson such a great candidate? He would make a great match for any American family with children ages two and older. He is both CPR and First Aid certified! He speaks three languages! His English is rated 4 out of 5 and he also speaks Portuguese and Spanish! How would that add to the dynamic of your house?

Anderson is willing to work with all kinds of families in order to have a cultural exchange experience in America! He will place with single, married, gay or lesbian parents. He is an experienced driver with driving experience since May of 2010; he drives a manual transmission vehicle daily in heavy traffic and will come to America with his International Driver’s license, good for one year in RI.

Anderson says he is interested in meeting new people and having new experiences. He likes visiting natural places and learning new languages, as well as playing with his dog and many different sports. He considers himself mature, easy going, responsible, talkative, friendly, honest and happy. Does this sound like someone who could help you with the kids?

Previous references have stated that kids enjoy being with Anderson and that he has proven himself to be a responsible young person. Perhaps you are looking for a happy and friendly young man to help care for your children. Please contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair representative in the RI area, or simply register online at, no matter where in the country you are located.

Anderson is a 23 year old college student who would love to bring joy and culture to your home for a year or more!

You can also view Anderson’s YouTube application video at


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