Recipe For Success!

Nothing worth having comes without hard work. That being said, finding a great au pair match for your family is hard work, but well worth the effort.

Have you considered au pair childcare? If so, first you must know it is also a cultural exchange as well as a childcare program. As my colleague so eloquently wrote, au pairs come with their first priority being this exciting cultural exchange opportunity with the secondary responsibility of childcare while Host Families hold reliable childcare as their top priority with the added benefits of cultural exchange as secondary. Thank you, Cyndi Frick! Read her article here:

So what is the recipe for success? Well, success in the kitchen begins with fresh ingredients. A great au pair match also begins with the shopping trip. In this case, though, you may be sorting through hundreds of qualified candidates. That is where a great agency with superior customer service counts. Go Au Pair is a middle sized agency with real people you can talk to on the phone who will share our years of experience with hundreds of families and au pairs to help you meet success.

Success begins with a careful selection!

Choose your next au pair carefully and then nurture the relationship over time!

When you “shop” for your next au pair, be diligent to get to know the person more than just the required two or three interviews. As my colleague Cyndi said, how can you expect this person to join your family seamlessly if you have only spoken a few times. Before your new au pair arrives, each member of the family should put some effort into getting to know the au pair a bit.

Just like in cooking a great meal, the ingredients need to be put together with care and effort, following the recipe to detail. The same can be said of the au pair and family relationship. This must be nurtured along the way for it to turn out the way you pictured and expected. You would not make a cake by throwing together all the ingredients and expecting it to come out of the oven fully frosted. A relationship needs to be developed so that both you, the family, and the au pair, are all invested in some of the same goals. There always has to be so e give and take or at least willingness to give and take sometimes.

i wish I could say the families in my area have never had to go into re-match, but I can say that each time it has happened, it has been due to a lack of ability to communicate expectations on the part of someone. Usually, communication within the home breaks down and people are either unable or unwilling to communicate their needs and expectations. If you decide to make a Mutual Match with someone, you are beginning a relationship which will need to be nurtured and grown into the lifelong friendship you envision! Please contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative in the Rhode Island area. Call or message me anytime, or register online at today!


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