LAR for You!

I am your LAR (Local Area Representative) and I am here for you! Your au pair agency and sponsor of your au pair’s Visa is Go Au Pair. We are all over the country and offer your family a cultural childcare experience with extraordinary customer service. Not only that, we offer you the best prices in the RI area!

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We at the Go Au Pair agency want you and your au pair to have a super successful experience and year, or many years with us! My friend and colleague, Polina in PA, has written a smart article for you to read the blow-by-blow of what to expect each month of the year for a successful au pair experience. Please read it here:

Au pairs are young men and women who come to America for a cultural exchange experience and provide you with flexible and reliable live-in childcare. Ages 18-26 and minimum high school graduates, many au pairs have college degrees or are working toward one. All au pairs speak English, rated one to five (5 being best) and many au pairs speak two or three other languages! You can choose which country your au pair calls home and what language your family will learn! Did I mention au pairs make great tutors and homework helpers too? Au pairs can also provide child-related household tasks such as kids’ laundry as part of the 45 flexible weekly hours!

To remind you of a few other requirements, au pairs need to attend at least four social or cultural events held or hosted by a Go Au Pair LAR such as myself. Host Families are required to attend one event each year. In order to extend, an au pair should have his or her educational requirements completed and submitted by the end of their tenth month here. For a full time au pair, that is either six college credits or 72 classroom hours. Host Families contribute up to $500 toward the educational requirement and provide transportation to and from class.

If this sounds like a cultural childcare experience your family might enjoy, please contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative in the Rhode Island area. We are currently offering a generous local,area discount to new Host Families. Please visit us online at and register today! Contact me with your questions at 401-309-1925 or call our office at 801-255-7722.


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