Moving On

With the Au Pair Program and Go Au Pair, one adjusts to meeting new people from all over the world, getting to know them, and saying goodbye, or so long, as I like to say. I am lucky enough to have met interesting young people from Russia, Colombia, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, and El Salvador. This is in just over two years with this exciting and dynamic agency.

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Participation in the Au Pair Program brings benefits for a lifetime to both families and au pairs. Inquire today!

The Au Pair Program has benefits for both American Host Families as well as it’s foreign exchange student workers. Families love the exposure to many different cultures and languages they can choose from over several years of au pair childcare. Children love the big brother or sister they gain for life, as well as all the songs, games and activities they learn from cultures all over the world. Au pairs love the American culture and their new American families, as well as all their new American (and au pair) friends. Au pairs also tend to discover a level of maturity they never knew existed or a hero or volunteer spirit within.

My colleague in PA wrote a short piece about how it helps in the future life of the au pair:

I also shared the wisdom learned from a successful au pair’s perspective a few weeks ago:

Carlos is planning to return to Spain and use all the skills he learned as an au pair for a year in his future career. Most of the au pairs who participate in the program discover so much about themselves during their year or two in the program that they did not expect. Naturally, they expect to improve their English and meet new friends, but some discover a sense of independence and exploration, or the meaning of home.

Consider an au pair experience for your family in the coming year. Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Providence, RI area representative for Go Au Pair, your cultural childcare experience agency. Call locally at 401-309-1925 or email at I look forward to your participation in our group!


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