Another Reason to Host!

There are so many reasons to Host an au pair from Go Au Pair, and I hope you have been reading all about it on my blog! Host Mom, Cyndi Frick, writes honestly about her au pair experience, and I am loving every word of it! Please check it out: Like a Sister or Daughter

Cyndi craftily explains what I think many moms feel: moms have no time for friends. Okay, I suppose there are some moms who manage the regular girls’ night out or even day trips or short vacations with friends. I do have one very lucky friend who is able to get time like that for herself, and good for her. But my life does not allow for such a luxury. Cyndi says it well in her article and I couldn’t agree more.

Welcome an au pair from Go Au Pair in 2015!

Au pairs provide live-in childcare and childcare-related tasks like kids’ laundry, preparing healthy snacks and tidying kids’ play areas!

An au pair can provide up to 45 hours of weekly childcare and childcare-related duties, but more than that, he or she can become that oh-so-needed close friend and confidante a parent needs in today’s busy and demanding culture. Even dads, single or married, could benefit from the companionship of a male au pair! In any case, an au pair can help bring order to the daily chaos that can happen in any busy family. He or she can be a friend and family member for life, not just the one to two years they can stay as your au pair.

If this type of arrangement sounds great to you, how would you feel if I told you it could cost as low as $7.31 per hour? I am Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in the RI, eastern CT and central MA areas. Please register to become a Host Family online and you may be eligible to save up to 15% off! Contact me at or call me at 401.309.1925. I look forward to helping your family have a cultural childcare experience like no other!


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