Golden Rule, Revisited

My esteemed colleague and fellow-writer, Cyndi Frick, has done it yet again. She has timely advice for au pairs and Host Families which is actually classic and time-tested. Please read her article, after you finish mine! To Rematch or to Give Up

I agree with her initial feelings that sometimes, au pairs don’t try hard enough to do a good job. I also agree that when the going gets tough, I just want to go home too. Cyndi does not lose that important concept either. As I have stated before, Cyndi also states, that au pairs are extremely brave individuals to even consider leaving home for a year or more to live with strangers in another country and care for their children.

That is one reason the Au Pair Program is unique. There are student exchange programs and work programs, but this is a blending of both, with benefits, real benefits to both parties. The problem begins when one or both parties stops working hard enough to make progress. I have seen this in my position as Go Au Pair Local Area Representative. Sometimes, it is a Host Parent who gives up on their au pair or the value of the program, and other times it is the au pair who gives up trying to complete this difficult task. In any event, the result is rematch.

For Host Families, it could mean a new au pair and a new start, or a new form of childcare altogether. For au pairs, it could mean a new Host Family and a new start, or a plane ride home at your own expense to the safety and comfort of home. If you have a need for childcare right away, within the next two weeks even, view our available au pairs right now:  In-Country Au Pairs Available from Go Au Pair  You can also register to be a Host Family online at

If you are a current Host Family considering going into rematch, consider having a mediation with your LAR. Your Local Area Representative, such as myself, can offer to Skype, conference call or meet in person to discuss what is going wrong in your placement and what needs to happen to move toward success. This is not easy. I will ask each party what is wrong and what they have done to correct it. Your au pair and you have a responsibility to each other to try to be mature and work out your differences. After all, this is a cultural exchange program and miscommunication and disrespect often the root of the problem. The solution your LAR will offer will likely involve each party taking responsibility for their actions and behaviors to date, as well as being accountable for keeping to the plan to resolve the issues at hand.

Go Au Pair has over 300 available au pairs!

See available au pairs at

When considering rematch, always try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Consider what might be motivating that person. Maybe things could be resolved with an open and honest conversation. Treat others as you would like to be treated and this world would be a happier place!  Please contact me, Joan Lowell, for more information about a cultural childcare experience for your family. Call/text me at 401.309.1925 or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!


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