Host a Male Au Pair from Brazil and $AVE!

Welcome to another opportunity for a great cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair. I am Joan Lowell, your RI area Local Area Representative. You can save up to 15% off agency fees when you host an out-of-country au pair. Contact me with your questions about hosting. You do need a private bedroom, since it is a live-in program.

I frequently write about au pairs who are interested in coming to an American family for a year or more. These young people come for a cultural exchange experience, but they also live with your, become like a family member, and provide your family up to 45 hours of weekly childcare. This can be flexible in nature and can include child-related household tasks as well as driving! All this can be yours for under the cost of minimum wage.

I would like to introduce you to an eager young man, Odival, who considers himself mature, easy-going and goal-oriented. Previous references have said that he is trustworthy, intelligent and friendly. Odival speaks English (rated 4 of 5), Portuguese and Spanish. Odival is a college graduate of a Bilingual program who is 6 feet tall and weighs 160 pounds, is First Aid certified, and can swim, ski, cook and drive (since 9/2013).  Here is his brief introduction. Please register online at to become a Host Family and get started interviewing candidates this weekend!

Register at

Become a Host Family with Go Au Pair and have a cultural childcare experience, maybe with Odival from Brazil!

Hello, my name is Odival, from Brazil, I’m 20 years old and I have experience in working with children all of ages. I’m looking for a host family and I can start asap! I’m with GO AU PAIR.

I’d love to be your Au Pair because I do think I work well with children and teenagers. I also would love to finally go abroad and improve my English, get to know the culture, the different weather and become a better person and grown up from it.

I really like watching movies and series when I can, I usually do movie collection in my house, I am a very eclectic person and like everything, I like to stay in my room studying or listening to music.

Going to the USA is my dream, and doing what I like would be an amazing experience.

Please, contact me! odival fb

Thank you so much!

Best Regards,



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