More is More, and Better!

Your children will love their new au pair from Go Au Pair!

Thank the Good Lord for my healthy children! Go Au Pair supports you and your au pair throughout your cultural childcare experience! Register to become a Host Family today!

As a mom of six children, ranging from four to sixteen, I am often asked if I have had an au pair, or why I have so many children. The answer is no, I have not hosted an au pair, but love the big, noisy family and household. I grew up a child of divorce and re-marriage, with one brother, but our dad is one of eleven! I always said I wanted to be like my grandma, but only six kids. I never thought it would be true! Unfortunately, it took me two husbands to have all six, but the second one is a keeper!

Where am I going with this, you’re wondering. My colleague, Summer Blackhurst, had me laughing with her title, Au Pairs Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Place with Three Children or More. When I was pregnant with numbers four, five and six, people would ask me why all the time. What the heck? I love kids! I love my family! Money and material things can be stretched quite far when needed, and you would be surprised how great the big kids can be with the little ones. I also think my kids are all very independent because they need to be; I am usually busy!

Summer informs us that au pairs are capable of handling the work and reaping the rewards. Yes, managing three or more kids is a job. Just ask any set of two parents who are literally outnumbered by their children. Many au pairs have had experience in daycares and classrooms, so more than three kids may not be that daunting. Remember, your au pair is a young person, aged 18-26, who has relevant childcare experience as well as training specific to different ages and stages. You can feel confident your au pair will develop a relationship with each of your children, making each feel special and loved by their Au Pair.

So is more really more and better? I say yes! The pay is the same, but the joy can be tripled, quadrupled, keep going! The work of one is hard, as Summer reminds us. My mother-in-law has a great saying, “Many hands make light work.” I’m sure it’s not her own, but I’ll give credit where I can. With more children, an au pair may find challenges with logistics or details, but he or she will also find more little hands, hearts and minds to help each day be a little brighter.

To get started on your cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair, contact me, Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative in RI, at or 401.309.1925. You can also get started your own. Register Online Today!


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