Fare Thee Well?

Dear Providence area families and au pairs,

How are you faring during this epic blizzard? Have you lost power, or like me, still enjoying modern amenities like electricity? Have you been outside today? It was extremely windy and the snow was coming down quickly at times. The wind was whipping the snow all over the place! It was cold and absolutely beautiful. For au pairs who have never seen snow, I hope your Host Family is showing you how to play in the snow too! This is just another opportunity for cultural exchange. Ask your au pair to share stories about what kind of dangerous storms they have back in their home country.

By the way, have you tried to shovel this snow? Depending on your location, this snow may have been light and fluffy (like it was in the northwestern corner of the state where I am) or it may have been the wet, heavy, back-breaking variety. I would like to remind you to go easy! If you are helping your Host Family out with any shoveling, please don’t push yourself too hard. You might find you need a heating pad and some ibuprofen tomorrow!

I am happy our governor has closed the roads in Rhode Island during this storm, making it against the law to be on the roads. It accomplishes a number of things. The plow trucks can plow the roads unhindered by poor drivers on impassable roads. The majority of families are home together, safely riding out the storm and keeping their homes safe in this dangerous weather.  It allows first responders like ambulance and fire & rescue a clear path to people who may need help right away. Thanks for obeying this executive order from our new governor.

Go Au Pair wants you to drive safely!

Go Au Pair reminds Host Families and au pairs to review winter driving techniques! Slow down, increase following distance and stay home if you can!

Finally, I would like to remind all of you about winter driving. We in southern New England have been very lucky this season so far. We have had very little snow deep enough to require plowing. We are also a bit out of practice in winter driving. The two best pieces of advice I can give are simple. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you; that is one car length for every ten miles per hour you are driving. If you are traveling 40 mph, you should have 4 car lengths between you and the vehicle in front of you. Keep your speed down! Just go a lot slower than normal, since your car is traveling in road conditions which could be slippery and it may take longer to stop, if needed.

I have also made a video to advise your au pair about driving in the US. Please view it, laugh and share!

My name is Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. Contact me with your questions about having a cultural childcare experience for your family. I can be reached at jlowell@goaupair.com and at 401.309.1925. Be safe as you resume winter driving tomorrow! I hope to see you all this weekend in Providence!


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