Go Au Pair Providence’s First Meeting of 2015

The Providence, Rhode Island cluster of Go Au Pair held its first cultural event and social meeting of 2015 this past weekend. Half of our cluster of au pairs were able to attend! We had two au pairs from South Africa and one from Colombia, plus one Host Family! Unfortunately, our au pairs from Argentina, Ukraine and another Colombian au pair were not able to join us for outdoor ice skating in downtown Providence. I hope they will join us for one of our (at least) five other events of 2015. As a reminder, au pairs are required to participate in or attend at least 4 cultural events or social meetings held by a Go Au Pair Local Area Representative, such as myself, each year. Host Families are asked to attend one event annually.

For this event, we met on a brisk but sunny Sunday morning in front of the Providence Place Mall, home to our final destination of the day, Cheesecake Factory. Before we could sit down, relax and chat, though, we worked up an appetite at the outdoor ice skating rink at Kennedy Plaza, now renamed the Alex and Ani City Center. What a lovely morning! The weather was decidedly cold, with temperatures hovering around 25 degrees Fahrenheit! Luckily, the sun was shining and our spirits could not be held down. New friends were made, numbers exchanged, and hopefully some questions were answered.

Won’t you join us for one of our events? I am always looking for cultural or social events which a group of young au pairs might enjoy. Please add your comment and suggest one! I am Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair; your cultural childcare experience awaits!


2 thoughts on “Go Au Pair Providence’s First Meeting of 2015

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