Big Changes!

As I have stated in previous posts, Go Au Pair wants you to have a successful cultural childcare experience. Please read: Your Cultural Childcare Experience Just Got Better!

Hosting a live-in au pair as part of the Au Pair Program can be an exciting and rewarding experience for both Au Pairs and Host Families alike. As your RI area LAR, I want to educate you about some big changes in paperwork at Go Au Pair that will hopefully make your cultural childcare experience even more awesome in 2015. Whenever you have questions, do not hesitate to ask, comment, or message me on this page or at 401.309.1925 or I value your input!

In an effort to improve the experience for everyone, Go Au Pair supports the Host Family-Au Pair relationship throughout the year. Always communicate with your LAR or Placement Coordinator whenever an issue or question arises.

Here, I would like to review some of the major changes to an important form, the Child Care Services Agreement, or CCSA. This form is 9 pages, replacing the 2 page “Written Agreement.” The new form allows much more space for more detailed questions and more specifics with space for comments, ultimately providing the au pair much more information about what a day in the life of each perspective Host Family might be like. This will hopefully result in more informed decision-making on the part of our au pairs as well as a more honest view of what will be expected by the Host Family.  The Medical Consent Form is part of the CSAS, but I will discuss this in further detail later.

Page one outlines the relevant parties and what forms will make up the agreement, with some details about DOS regulations. Page two of the new agreement, which defines the work schedule for the au pair, provides much more space for hours and description of duties and activities. Host Families can add details, rather than just check yes or no for a given task they will expect their au pair to complete. The same is true of page three, where more space is provided for details and comments regarding duties and activities.

Page four contains changes with regards to compensation, vacation time and education credits taken. What does this mean? It means that if an au pair goes into transition for any reason, his or her vacation time and education cost to the HF will be pro-rated based on the number of weeks, not months, the au pair has been of service to the family. This should discourage au pairs from taking too much vacation before they have “earned” it and from waiting until the last minute to take classes. In the same way, it will help provide Host Families with the consistent, reliable childcare they have come to expect from Go Au Pair. Noteworthy here is the fact that au pair stipends are to be paid weekly or bi-weekly; monthly compensation is no longer accepted. Instructions are provided for use of the Hours & Wage Log here too.

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Consider a live-in childcare provider, an au pair, who can provide up to 45 flexible hours of childcare each week, plus a cultural exchange experience!

Page five continues with greater detail on specifics for full placement vacation time and education tuition as well as au pair room accommodations. No one really wants to spend a year in your window-less basement space, probably. Important to note here is that beyond the two weeks paid vacation, any other holidays offered to be paid by the HF are now optional! Keep this in mind as you plan your holidays/vacations this year.

On page six of the new CCSA, you will find much greater detail about Host Family expectations in terms of driving, car use, public transportation, house rules and curfews.

Here is where it can get touchy for some, but honesty is the best policy. Go Au Pair has always asserted that our au pairs have no medical training and should not provide medical treatment. Our new Medical Consent Form further denotes that Go Au Pair is not responsible for Layman Treatment, or the administration of routine medicines. There is also a place to disclose the need of any family member for what is now being called “Special Care” instead of Special Needs, which may impact an au pair’s decision to make a Mutual Match or not!

Page eight provides many reminders about communication, including with your LAR, termination info about the pro-rating of vacation time and education tuition, the Placement Completion Worksheet (which I will discuss in greater detail later), plus airfare reimbursements for APs who give notice.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract, as well as definitions, are provided next. The federal government has updated its definition from Special Needs to Special Care, which is detailed for HF and AP on page nine of the new CCSA. This is also the signature page, which may be completed electronically. If your AP and HF will need it, the Medical Consent Form must be completed either before the placement begins or within 24 hours of the au pair performing such duties.

I hope this overview has been helpful; refer to the complete document and/or your Placement Coordinator if you need. Stand by for further posts about other new documents from Go Au Pair, your cultural childcare experience agency.


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