Go Au Pair – Your Cultural Childcare Experience Just Got Better!

Go Au Pair headquarters, located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, has been your cultural childcare experience agency for 25 years already! We are happy to announce some new and exciting changes, designed to give all participants, from Au Pairs to Host Families, a more successful and fulfilling experience! Please sit back and read how we are improving your cultural childcare experience in 2015 and beyond!

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Here in the Providence, RI cluster, I am happy to say our new Host Families are still eligible for our best pricing discount ever! New Host Families who host an out-of-country au pair within 90 days of applying can save up to 15% off program fees! Ask another agency to match our price – we will match written offers from other agencies, too! Register at Go Au Pair to get started!

As for our national changes, listen up! We want to improve and streamline the au pair childcare experience and make the Au Pair Program as transparent as possible. We want to make your family and your au pair happy, so we are constantly improving. In 2015, we are rolling out some new paperwork designed to provide greater details and transparency in our work with Host Families all across America and our Au Pairs and their representatives from over 50 countries across the world! In this post, I will provide an overview of several new forms we are releasing this month, with descriptions and some rationale. In future posts, I will provide even greater detail of the changes and how they will improve the experience of those participating in the Au Pair Program with Go Au Pair.

One of the most comprehensive changes comes in the form of our new Child Care Services Agreement, or CCSA, which is a nine-page document replacing the two-page former “Written Agreement.” This document will be the subject of another article, since there are so many changes here. Suffice it to say that this document provides much greater detail about the Host Family to potential Au Pair candidates. We hope greater information up front will give Au Pairs more information about potential Host Families before a final decision is made and result in fewer breakdowns and transitions.

The next new document comes about due to the litigious nature of our society. The Medical Consent Form establishes permission between an au pair and Host Family regarding the administration of Layman Treatment, as well as relinquishes Go Au Pair from any responsibility regarding this concept. As an agency, we do not recommend an au pair provide Layman Treatment, but I will discuss this in a future post as well.

A new and useful document is the Hours and Wage Log. This is a weekly log to be kept by the au pair and initialed weekly by the au pair and Host Family. In general, it is provided to protect an au pair from working over hours or completing tasks considered outside the parameters of being an au pair. This will also be discussed in a future post in greater detail.

To provide our au pairs and Host Families the best opportunity for success, I am thrilled to announce the brand new Au Pair Workbook and Host Family Workbook, which will be provided to the respective parties at appropriate times before and during the interview and placement process. I will review each of these, including many of the best practices I have mentioned before!

In an effort to make both au pairs and Host Families accountable for abiding by the Department of State regulations as well as making it fair for everyone, Go Au Pair is introducing the Placement Completion Worksheet. This will be provided to both Au Pair and Host Family in the event that one party gives notice. The form will provide the main office with details on how much education and vacation time has been taken, used and what remains for the new Host Family.  This, along with other changes, will motivate and encourage the completion of coursework in a timely fashion, as well as the fair and equitable distribution of vacation time.

Finally, changes have been made to two forms you may already know. The former “Grievance Policy” has been updated to reflect its intention, along with important details which can impact the decision to give notice. To reflect these changes, it is now called the Mediation Policy. Similarly, our Media Release form was recently updated to include the use of last names. This form has been in use for several months; however, in Appendix A of the Host Family Placement Services Agreement, a clause has been added which allows Go Au Pair to use partial parent names and locations without addresses, photos, emails, comments or statements in marketing material unless the Host Family indicates their desire to keep this info private.

There are many other details that have been changed, which will affect Au Pairs and Host Families. I will do my best to outline these as clearly as possible. I welcome your comments or questions! Feel free to call, comment or message me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative in Providence, RI at 401.309.1925 or jlowell@goaupair.com. Get started becoming a Host Family by registering online today!


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