New Hours and Wage Log

Go Au Pair is rolling out several new documents in an effort to improve your experience, whether you are an au pair or a Host Family. Please take the time to read through these posts, as they will each hold a nugget of information you will need at some point. These new forms and details do apply to new matches happening from today forward, so if you are already a Host Family with Go Au Pair, the bulk of these changes will not apply to you until you welcome your next au pair. The new guidelines do not automatically replace your current contract, but will take place when you renew.

Include hours, duties and activities on your Hours and Wage Loge

Go Au Pair doesn’t want you to be overworked! Be sure to complete your Hours and Wage Log accurately and honestly, for future reference!

The new Hours and Wage Log is an important document which should be kept by the au pair, in a place the Host Family can easily see. There is plenty of space on this new form for the au pair to include the hours worked on a given day, as well as what duties or activities were performed during those hours. It is important for an au pair to complete this daily and initial, along with the Host Family, at the end of each week. It will serve as an important record of hours in case of any discrepancy, as well as a reference point for weekly meetings with the Host Family. You might even refer to it when responding to your LAR’s monthly contact.

That’s right! Your LAR or Local Area Representative, such as myself, Joan Lowell, may ask to see this document in the case of a breakdown and mediation. If the au pair completes the form and the Host Family disagrees and refuses to initial the form, this can be a beginning point of conversation. Please contact me, Joan Lowell, Providence, RI area LAR, at 401.309.1925, with your questions about the new Hours and Wage Log, the Medical Consent Form, the new Child Care Services Agreement (CCSA) or any other aspect of the Au Pair Program with Go Au Pair. I will be happy to help your family find an outstanding au pair among our hundreds of available au pairs from over 50 countries.


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