Improve Your Experience!

Go Au Pair wants its Host Families and Au Pairs to have an incredible au pair childcare experience! That is why we have released a new Au Pair Success Workbook. This is a 47-page document for Au Pairs sponsored by Go Au Pair. These skilled young adults are ages 18-26 and come from over 50 countries around the world. They live with American Host Families for a year, up to two full years, and provide up to 45 hours per week (not more than 10 hours per day) of flexible childcare. Au Pairs from Go Au Pair can cost your family less than putting multiple kids in daycare or paying for a private nanny.

Register online at

Go Au Pair wants you and your au pair to have an amazing cultural childcare experience! Become a Host Family today!

What is the Au Pair Success Workbook and why should an Au Pair read it? It is a written orientation to the entire au pair experience. It prepares the Au Pair for a cultural exchange experience. Topics covered include an overall description of the goals and purposes of the Au Pair Program, insurance information, travel to/from the US, extra expenses an au pair might incur while here, and things like getting a social security card, driving, banking in the US, and what supports are offered to Au Pairs with Go Au Pair. That is not all, of course. There are details provided about customs and general living in America, like humor, sensitive topics, personal space, personal hygiene, among others. Other details are reviewed, such as education and general conduct, safety of the children and online privacy. The entire booklet is provided to newly matched au pairs while they are still in their home country and when they arrive in the US, just in case they left it home!

Please contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Providence LAR, at or 401.309.1925. If you are already hosting an au pair and would like to receive a copy, please contact me or your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative in your area. Register to become a Host Family at Rhode Island area families may be eligible to save up to 15% off program fees! Start your Host Family Application today!


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