Who is Your Valentine?

You’re probably thinking about some lovey-lovey thing, right? Well, don’t. I was thinking more about who do you love?

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Go Au Pair encourages Au Pairs and Host Families alike to share the love this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love, and professing it to those you love. That can mean so much more than your beau of choice. I am talking about your American Host Family, the children under your care, your new American friends, and even your family back home. Does this mean you need to buy ten Valentine’s Day cards? Not really.

Janine, the Au Pair Sis, your Go Au Pair connection with other au pairs all over the country, has some great ideas. Check out her Pinterest page with ideas you can do with the kids. They love to make homemade crafts and Valentine’s for moms, dads, grandparents and friends. You can even pop one in the mail to your family back home from your new American Host Children! There are plenty of ways to show you care, from a card (Americans love handmade things) to a special recipe or meal, to just saying so in person or in a phone call. Whatever you do tomorrow, share the love with all of those who make your life special.

Speaking of people you love, why not share the love with your new au pair friends. I recently sent a cluster list to each of the au pairs in my group, with instructions to reach out to each other in between our regular meetings for support, ideas, and friendship. What a great time to check in with your Buddy and say hello, what’s up, let’s hang out with you knock off!

I am your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative, or LAR, in the Providence, RI area. Contact me to save up to 15% off program fees and get the best price for live-in au pair childcare! Your au pair can provide up to 45 hours per week (not more tan 10 hours per day) of flexible, cultural childcare. Won’t you look into it today for your family? Register online or contact me directly at jlowell@goaupair.com or 401.309.1925. I look forward to helping your family have a cultural childcare experience with Go Au Pair Providence!


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