Join Go Au Pair in 2015!

Go Au Pair Providence had a successful 2014 and would love for you and your family to join us in 2015! Host Families find hosting an au pair makes life run more smoothly and gives the kids that extra attention they need and deserve! As my colleague Summer Blackhurst has reminded us in her recent article, your au pair can help teach kids household chores that will help them grow as young people in character as well as experience and appreciation. Please read her article. Locally, Rhode Island area families may be eligible to save up to 15% off program fees, but not for much longer, so act now!

Go Au Pair provides skilled, engaging live-in childcare for your family!

Your au pair can provide the extra set of hands you need! Become a Host Family with Go Au Pair!

Does your family need childcare, up to 45 hours per week, for one or more children? Would you like to provide the kids a more enriching solution than daycare or a teenage babysitter? Do you need an extra set of hands to help supervise the kids’ chores and homework? An au pair can provide the skilled, reliable care you need, plus so much more. He or she can be the big brother or sister your kids need, while providing structure and engagement throughout the day.

How about learning a foreign language? Does a family member speak another language? Wouldn’t it be great for the kids to be able to learn some games, songs, traditions and language from the old country? It doesn’t matter what country, since Go Au Pair has au pairs from over 50 different countries! See our available au pairs and their profiles for free! Register online and you can start interviewing in just hours! There is no financial obligation until you and your au pair decide to match!

Host Families provide room and board, pay up to $500 toward the au pair educational requirement, and pay a stipend directly to their au pair. Your au pair lives with your family for a year, up to two full years, while providing flexible an culturally enriching childcare, attending college classes, and experiencing the best of our great American culture!

Contact me, Joan Lowell, your Go Au Pair Local Area Representative, or LAR, at 401.309.1925 or Register online or contact me with your questions.


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