If you live in or around Rhode Island, surely you have heard the news! The Pawtucket Red Sox have been sold! A group of ten buyers have big plans for the Triple A Minor League baseball team. The Pawtucket Red Sox might even leave “the bucket,” or what Rhode Islanders affectionately call the city of Pawtucket. If the new buyers have their druthers, the team will likely move to Providence, only six miles away, and possibly even change their name to the Rhode Island Red Sox or Providence Red Sox!

Why do you care, you ask? Well, baseball is the All-American sport, and as an au pair, you are here to learn about our American culture. This is sort of a big deal, when a team is sold or moves. Cities and states often feel very attached to their teams, whether it be baseball, football, or hockey, and do not like it if names are changed or venues moved. The Pawtucket Red Sox is the team who often “graduates” players to the world-famous Boston Red Sox or nurses them back from injuries or surgeries.


The Pawtucket Red Sox is our team here in Rhode Island! Today the team was sold, but fear not! You can join us for a game in a month or so!

Why else should you care? If you’ve been reading, Go Au Pair Providence is planning on attending a PawSox game this spring! Will this effect us? Not this year, and probably not even next year, as the team has no plans to play anywhere else but McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket for the next two seasons. It will take as long as that to choose a new site for a ball park and build it. So this could be one of your last chances to see the historic McCoy Stadium, which is one of the oldest and smallest baseball stadiums still in use today.

source: wikipedia

Join Go Au Pair Providence area families and au pairs at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, RI before they move or change their name!
Source: Wikipedia

McCoy Stadium started hosting baseball games in 1946 and in 1981 was home of the longest game ever officially recorded in the sport, a whopping 33 innings! By the way, for you au pairs who are not up on American sports or baseball in general, a normal game is 9 innings! Imagine that! On top of that, nearly every Rhode Islander has attended a PawSox game at McCoy Stadium, making it a must-do cultural or family activity for the au pairs in my cluster!

Learn all you can while you are here, even if you are not particularly interested in baseball. You know when you return home, your family and friends will want to know all of the cool things you did while in the US. Don’t leave the States without eating a hot dog at a PawSox game in historic McCoy Stadium! Contact me, Joan Lowell, your LAR (Local Area Representative) for Go Au Pair in the Providence area, with your ideas or suggestions for other local cultural activities your Host Families and au pair friends might enjoy!


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