Host Family News!

As someone who has been in the business of talking with families with children over the last twenty years, I can tell you that parenting is the hardest job most of us will tackle, no matter how you were raised. This job does not come with a manual and failure is not an option! With the constraints and pressures of today’s society, it is no wonder so many families are turning to au pair childcare. It is a safe, affordable way to provide a cultural exchange experience for your entire family while also providing a flexible, fun live-in childcare provider who can also help do other child-related household tasks too! What more could you want? (a manual)

Go Au Pair offers cultural exchange and live-in childcare

Your au pair can engage the kids with stories, songs and games from his or her home country! Go Au Pair wants your family to have a cultural childcare experience in 2015!

I have seen families with many different lifestyles enjoy the benefits of hosting an au pair. Whether you are a working single parent struggling with kids who outnumber you or are a two-parent-working family struggling to find time for each child as much as they deserve or any other kind of family, you might just love working with Go Au Pair. I am Joan Lowell, your Local Area Representative in the Providence, RI area.

One of the best changes Go Au Pair is making in 2015 is providing our Host Families with a manual! That’s right! We have been in the business for a quarter of a century and have learned a few things about au pairs, Host Families, cultural exchange, and live-in childcare. We thought it only fair to compile our best practices and guidelines for our Host Families. We don’t want you to have to reinvent the wheel when you invite an au pair to live with your family, and trial-by-error can be avoided in many cases. I am proud to present our Host Families with the all new Host Family Success Workbook, available on your Host Family portal on the Go Au Pair website. I would review it page-by-page, but it is literally 35 pages of helpful tips, suggestions an guidelines for making your cultural exchange experience a complete success!

If you haven’t signed up yet, what is holding you back? Call or message me, come to an event, talk to Host Families and meet some au pairs. Bring the kids and you will be sold! What little kid, or teenager, doesn’t want a big brother or sister to teach him or her new games, songs, traditions and words from another culture? Register at Go Au Pair online to get started or contact me at or 401.309.1925.


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