German Au Pairs Available!

Welcome to the month of March! Here in Rhode Island and Southern New England, we are hoping for a short three weeks until the start of spring, at least by the calendar. A new month means something else, too. Go Au Pair is featuring a new country and offering a $100 discount to Host Families who match with a German au pair during the month of March! Maybe Sabrina, 18 year old high school graduate, gymnast, swimmer, singer, dancer, general enthusiast for life, could fit into your family this spring. Or maybe you prefer someone who is already in the country and ready to start right away, like 21 year old Nicole, who is infant qualified and already has a state-issued driver’s license.

That is right! Germany is Go Au Pair’s Featured Country of March! If you have been considering au pair childcare, now is the time. Live-in childcare has been enjoyed by American families for more than a quarter of a century, and Go Au Pair has been your cultural childcare experience agency since 1989!

I am Joan Lowell, your RI area Go Au Pair representative. I would like to take this time to educate you about au pair childcare, Germany and your next live-in childcare provider. Contact me with your comments and questions at or on my Sprint cellular at 401.309.1925. Special discount may be available to new Host Families in my region.

Go Au Pair has many German au pairs available to match with your family immediately. What does that mean? Go Au Pair is a US Department of State designated agency who recruits, trains and sponsors to join your family for up to two years as part of the Au Pair Program. You can visit our website and view up to 300 au pairs from over 50 countries, and this is free! You can even begin emailing and interviewing candidates without paying a penny!

Go Au Pair encourages cultural exchange as part of the live-in au pair childcare experience!

Share our American culture with your German au pair and learn about the German language, culture and foods! Match with a German au pair during March for a $100 discount!

What about German au pairs? We are featuring Germany as a country of interest this month and have experienced much success with our German au pairs. Wouldn’t you love to learn some German, or have the kids learn say something in German to their grandparents? How about tasting some delicious, real German cooking or learning a traditional German game or song? Your au pair is not the family cook, but many au pairs love to share their unique cultural foods and recipes as part of this cultural exchange experience, including games, songs, traditions and so much more.

Au pairs can provide up to 45 hours per week (not more than 10 hours per day) of flexible childcare for your children. This can include childcare-related tasks your daycare or nanny will not do, like children’s laundry, preparing healthy snacks and meals, cleaning up from kids’ meals, helping supervise kids’ chores and homework, and even tidying kids’ rooms and play spaces! Au pairs can drive your kids to and from school or activities and even teach them a foreign language. More importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing your child is getting the best skilled live-in childcare available, while enjoying a cultural childcare experience right at home! Register online now or contact me with your questions.


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