Celebrate Locally!

Go Au Pair Providence loves the Friars!

Get out there and see what America has to offer a young person! Go Au Pair wants its au pairs to make the most of their cultural exchange experiences with their American Host Families!

Do you follow the Providence Friars? I do and you should too! They are the basketball team for my college alma mater, Providence College. They are fully into March Madness and are headed to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, set to play against either Boise State or Dayton on March 20th, who are facing off in round one this Wednesday night!

You don’t follow college basketball? In March, it seems that all of America does, even if we aren’t fans all year! Adam Kilgore writes a hopeful piece and hints at what might be the better games to watch. What is your Host Family’s favorite team? American families often have one team they adopt as their own, but sometimes, rivalries can be fun too! For example, PC, or as we call Providence College, or simply The Friars, is my team. My mom is a big fan of the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats. It could be a loud and crazy month, but it is all in fun, mostly.

Americans truly enjoy their sports, no matter the season or the sport. I hope you will take advantage of your sporty Host Family, even if it is only to middle or high school sporting events, and go to a game. Maybe you will be lucky enough to have a Host Family with season tickets to some team events! Cheer on your team, or theirs, enjoy some tailgating (that’s cooking and eating in the parking lot before the event) and have some good, clean fun.

Au pairs deserve to see the best our country has to offer when they are here on their cultural exchange experience. A sporting event is a great cultural experience. You will see people from all walks of life, all coming together to cheer on their favorite team. Be a part of an American sporting experience! If you cannot make it to a game, there are many sports pubs who broadcast the games live in their establishments.

Did you know that cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass? Find a sport’s bar near you! You must know there is a website for that! Check out sportsbars.com and I am serious! Please, though, remember never drink and drive! Get a ride from someone who is not drinking or call a cab! I do encourage you to find some friends your age and get out there and enjoy what this country has to offer!

For more information about hosting an au pair or becoming a Host Family with Go Au Pair, contact me, Joan Lowell, at 401.309.1925 or jlowell@goaupair.com. Check out our local page at Go Au Pair Providence and register for free to get started on your au pair search.


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