Italian Au Pair Candidates

If you are interested in a cultural childcare experience, listen up! Go Au Pair is offering new Host Families in the Providence, Rhode Island area their best pricing across the nation! That is no joke! We can offer the American family a flexible, skilled and engaging live-in childcare provider for as low as $339 per week or an average of $7.53 for 45 hours!

Did you know that tomorrow is Saint Joseph’s Day? Joseph, the carpenter and earthly father of Jesus, is considered the patron saint of those out of work or needing work. The feast of Saint Joseph began in Sicily during a famine and is a celebration of father’s everywhere. St. Joseph is the patron saint of Italy, so why not look at two great Italian au pair candidates? Perhaps they have a family recipes for zeppoles, my favorite Italian pastry to eat EVER! In case you haven’t tried them, here is an authentic recipe thanks to Giallo Zafferano:

As for your impending childcare needs, your au pair can perform childcare duties as well as childcare-related tasks like driving the kids to/from school or activities, helping with homework and chore completion, kids’ laundry and so much more! You set the au pair’s schedule and provide the vehicle, Go Au Pair sponsors your au pair’s Visa and handles all the logistics. He or she can work up to 10 hours per day, not more than 45 hours per week. You, the Host Family, pay the agency fees to Go Au Pair, a weekly stipend to your new valued and contributing family member, and contribute up to $500  toward the au pair’s educational requirement of 6 credits or 72 classroom hours.

In return, your family gets a skilled and loving childcare provider who lives with you for a year, up to two full years, and brings a new and exciting cultural exchange experience with each day! Do your parents or grandparents speak Italian? Want the kids to learn more? Please consider these two Italian au pair candidates from Go Au Pair.

Register for free at

Consider Italian au pair candidate Erika! Go Au Pair is your cultural childcare experience agency!

Perhaps your family is interested in 19 year old Erika, high school graduate and au pair candidate. She speaks English (rated 3 of 5), Italian, French and Spanish! She considers herself extroverted, reliable and responsible. Here is a quote from a reference: “Erika is a nice girl. She never gives up when she wants to reach her tasks.” Does that sound like a personality that would fit your family’s needs? Erika’s experience is mostly babysitting and she likes to take photos, dance, listen to music, read and do sports. Maybe you have some sporty kids who need a fun and flexible babysitter and forever friend!

Erika has been driving in Italy for about a year and a half, and is willing to drive for your kids. She also swims, cooks, and will place with a family with pets. She is interested in working with a married couple or with a single mom whose children are between ages 2 and the teen years.

Contact me, Joan Lowell, at 401.309.1925 or for more details or questions about how it all works. I am your RI area representative, but can answer questions no matter your location! Here is another outstanding candidate for your consideration, Veronica.

Consider an Italian au pair candidate for your next cultural childcare experience

Go Au Pair and your cultural childcare experience are waiting for you! Register online today at

Veronica is a 23 year old high school graduate interested in bringing her sunny personality to your home. She has been called active, intelligent and smart by her previous references.

Veronica speaks English (rated 3 of 5), she skis, swims, cooks, will place with a family with pets of just about any kind, and is willing to work with married couples and single parents of either gender. Veronica enjoys dance, music and traveling. She has also been driving for more than five years, making her an outstanding au pair candidate for a family like yours!

When your register online with Go Au Pair, there is no obligation! That means you can get Veronica’s contact information and start interviewing her and other candidates too, for free! That’s right, no obligation and you can actually interview real au pair candidates! What other agency offers that?



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