Reliable, Consistent Au Pair Childcare

Parents everywhere struggle with how to best care for children, once they have them! Perhaps you find yourself in the same boat. Have you tried it all? Babysitters, Nanny, Daycare, In-laws? No? Not yet?

Maybe you just had a baby and realize going back to work is not as easy as you had expected it to be. Maybe you need someone to help get the baby into a routine, but you really don’t have extended family nearby. Do you really want to drop off that precious baby at the daycare center on the corner? Seriously? You spend who knows how long planning and expecting this experience of motherhood, but you may be surprised to find how hard it is to leave the baby with anyone.

Go Au Pair offers live-in childcare for a year or more at a time!

Go Au Pair offers engaging au pair childcare for American parents who need a flexible and consistent live-in caregiver – consider hosting an au pair with Go Au Pair.

It may be that your schedule is such that daddy travels and you are home with baby, maybe older siblings too. It is a lot for any parent to handle work, kids and a house. Maybe you need someone to drive the older kids to and from all the places they seem to go! Why not consider getting some live-in help? Au pair childcare is a growing option for many working families and single parents all over. Here in RI, we have a growing cluster of families, but in Boston, there is a huge group of families who have chosen to simplify life by hosting an au pair to meet their flexible and varied childcare needs.

Host Mom and blogger, Cyndi Frick, shares her real-life hosting experience with her readers and I can understand and relate when she explains the level of consistency over time that she wanted for her kids. Parents want to know their children will become actively engaged and lovingly attached to their caregiver, and we are trusting this person with our precious children.  Au pair childcare can be a lot of things, including flexible, engaging, skilled and consistent. Au pairs usually stay one full year, but they can stay up to two full years. Go Au Pair is your au pair childcare agency and I am your LAR, Joan Lowell. Change can be difficult, but Go Au Pair even provides help and support as your family says goodbye to one au pair and hello to your new cultural childcare experience, time and time again.

If you are looking for reliable, consistent, live-in childcare, au pair childcare might be right for you! Go Au Pair offers skilled au pair childcare, up to 45 hours per week (not more than 10 hours per day), for as low as $7.53 per hour in the RI area! That’s right, you can get a new family friend, dedicated to your family and children for a year, up to two years. Au pairs can extend, after their first year, for 6, 9 or 12 months, so your cultural childcare experience can be just as consistent as any traditional form of childcare. Contact me, Joan Lowell, in the RI area at or 401.309.1925. Register online or email me and you can get started interviewing au pair candidates, as many as you like, for FREE!


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