Chill-ax with Your Au Pair!

Host Families who choose a cultural childcare experience have discovered a secret: au pair childcare brings calm, simplicity and time to your day. Fellow-blogger Summer Blackhurst writes about the benefits of hosting, whether a new parent or a parent who is outnumbered – go read her article. As a mom of six children, I can tell you extra help is what a mom needs!

An au pair can help new moms learn the ropes of being a mommy, ease the baby into a schedule as mom returns to work, give mom that needed rest when she needs it most, and even be there to help with bottles and baby laundry! An au pair can help with older kids too, driving them to/from school and activities or lessons, as well as share her culture wit them. The Au Pair Program is alive and well in the United States and more and more families are discovering how an au pair can it into their lives.

Visit Go Au Pair online!

Go Au Pair has over 300 available au pair candidates for you to interview! Contact your Local Area Representative for details on becoming a Host Family today!

Yes, your au pair lives with you, so you may give up some level of privacy. However, your au pair works up to 45 hours per week, when you need her, and is there to pack lunches for your kids in school, can engage your baby all day, and be there for homework and chores at night, or whenever you need the most help with the kids, up to 10 hours per day.

Your au pair can help you chill-ax, which for you old fogies, means to chill and relax. I know, you have homework to supervise, kids’ laundry to wash and fold, and there are toys all over the living room. When you host an au pair, he or she can help with those things while you fix dinner or work late or hit the gym. For less than $340 per week, Rhode Island area families can get Go Au Pair’s best cultural exchange experience possible. Go Au Pair is actively recruiting Host Families in the RI, CT and MA region.

You also get the support of a dedicated Local Area Representative, me, Joan Lowell, throughout your participation in the program! Register for free online or contact me directly with your questions at 401.309.1925 or

Your au pair lives with you, so you need a room with a door that shut, and Go Au Pair, your cultural childcare agency, handles the paperwork and logistics for you. Host Families pay a weekly stipend to their au pair and a contribution toward the educational requirement, and Au Pairs share their culture with your family for up to two full years! What are you waiting for? Register online today and get started interviewing au pair candidates, as many as you like, for FREE! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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